Custom Chaps Deposits

$400.00 USD

The first time I seen a pair of custom-made chaps up close I was behind the bucking chutes at the Sundowner Areana in Colman, Oklahoma around 2003. The only other time I had seen any was on tv watching the PBR events or various PRCA events. A few of my friends and myself had been invited to put on an intermission show between the long and short go rounds at one of the bigger New Year's Eve bull ridings that year. I remember it like it was yesterday, as I rosined my little steer rope in anticipation for my big battle that night. And then it happened! One of the High School aged guys that I looked up too slowly pulled out a pair he had just bought off Mark Cain. They were slightly dusty and had a lot of wear to them, but the sponsorship logos were still sewed on tight and immediately recognizable, I had definitely seen them on tv a few times! I was absolutely fascinated by them and how even at their current condition still blew away any pair hanging on the fence that night. 

Fast forward several years to 2010, I had been tinkering with leather work for a couple months and decided I needed to make myself a pair. Referencing an old pair, I had found at a horse auction, I set to work making up a template. After way overpaying for leather and a couple of sleepless nights cutting, sizing, punching holes, and running my old singer sewing machine, I had a pair made! They were horrible, with one leg being an inch longer than the other, tooling being sloppy, and even the buckles being too small for some of the straps.

I learned, I worked hard, and evolved through the years. I'm a lot better now, and It's becoming more common to see my work under the bright lights being worn by some of the top names in the sport!

Pricing: Below are prices at full amount, once deposit is paid, I will follow up with you for further payment and info. Order will not be considered placed until full amount paid. ONCE ORDER IS PLACED WAIT TIME STARTS!

Upholstery tops and side pieces (No tooling)-$575

Floral tooled top and side pieces-$725

Add double fringe-$200

Add overlay or underlay fringe/trim down leg-$350

Add buck stitching-$200

Add initials-$150(For both sides)

Add sponsorship patches-(Please contact for detailing and pricing)